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Thermi RF

Thermi smooth and Thermi tight uses the most advanced technology currently available for non invasive and minimally invasive skin tightening. This treatment aims to replace the more invasive techniques of mini face lift and thread lifts. The treatment is permanent, although a refreshment to preserve existing elasticity may be required at 4-5 years.

Areas treated include : Upper and lower eyelids and crows feet, jowls, neck and hands.

Thermi smooth uses a hand held external heating device to heat your epidermis and dermis to in excess of 40 degrees centigrade. Fibroblasts are stimulated and new collagen is produced resulting in more youthful elastic and thicker skin. Wrinkles and lax skin are reduced or eliminated. 4-6 treatments are needed depending on the starting level of skin laxity and the desired outcome. There is minimal down time with some redness for 1/2 hr. The procedure is almost painless with occasional heat spikes lasting less than a second and is similar to touching a hot cup of coffee momentarily. The cost of the procedure depends on the area treated. As a guide, eye region (upper and lower eyelids and crows feet) $400, jowls -$500-600

Thermi tight uses the same technology, however a small probe similar to the inside of a ball point pen is inserted just under the skin under local anaesthetic and the underside of the dermis is heated. Generally only one treatment is required. No pain is experienced other than the initial local anaesthetic administration. Down time is dependent on bruising (up to 10 days). Some swelling is present for 24-48 hours afterwards.

Jowls are the most treated area with this technology as there are no non invasive or minimally invasive lasting treatments available for this area. Cost for single treatment under local anaesthetic and sedation $2500

Other areas that can be treated include abdomen, arms, neck, inner thighs.

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