Thermi RF

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Thermi RF

Thermi RF is a new technology that involves heating the skin to in excess of 40 degrees centigrade for 5 or more minutes.

This heating results in the stimulation of fibroblasts which consequently produce additional collagen. This results in thicker, healthier and more elastic skin.

Thermi Smooth

This is an external treatment and requires 3-4 sessions. There is no down time, but there is some redness like mild sunburn for around 1/2 hour. The treatment is permanent, however, it is expected that your skin will age after treatment and return to its current condition in 4-5 years. The treatment is almost painless with occasional hot sensations like touching a hot cup of coffee. Areas that can be treated include upper and lower eyelids and crows fee, jowls and neck.

Thermi Tight

This is similar to the above treatment, however a fine probe is placed under the skin to heat the skin using RF. Only 1 treatment is required and this is performed under local anaesthetic. Side effects include bruising and swelling. Areas that can be treated include face, neck, arms, inner thighs, stomach.