Joint Repair


A new study in Ireland has just completed phase 1 trials and shows exciting potential cure and treatment for osteoarthritis. Please click on this link to see the article

Stem Cell Joint Repair

Joint Treatment :

How it works :

Fat or adipose tissue contains the highest concentration of stem cells in the body. This is removed from you by a mini liposuction usually from the lower abdomen, and then stem cells are purified and activated from the fat extracted. This is then further activated with platelet rich plasma (from your own blood) and injected into the joint with or without ultrasound guidance. Studies have shown that patients destined for joint replacement have been able to resume activities such as walking with little or no discomfort. For a copy of the case studies please click on the links below.

MRI studies have shown cartilage regrowth and in many an indefinite delay in needing joint replacement.

Mouse Study Canine Study Human Study

Further studies have shown cartilage regeneration in joints
and European Stem Cell Joint Study

Generally about 1 billion cells can be harvested. About 30 million are required for treatment of joints.

Stem cells can also be injected intravenously. They have been shown to migrate to areas of inflammation and damage resulting in repair and regeneration of the injured tissue.

Who is suitable ?

Patients with chronic osteo arthritis or mechanical damage and degeneration in their joints.

What are the risks ?

There may be pain, swelling and inflammation in the joint after injection that lasts 1-2 days but can last up to 7 days.

Joint infection is a risk for any joint injection procedure.

The long term effects of the treatment are as yet unknown as are the long term risks.