Stem Cell

How it works:

Fat is removed from your own body through a small liposuction procedure. Tumescent anaesthesia is used (local anaesthetic). The fat obtain via a fine cannulas is washed and filtered. Stem cells are then extracted and activated.

Blood is taken and processed with either a tube system PRP or Angel PRP machine. The platelets extracted are then combined with the autologous (your own) stem cells injected into any areas needing repair.

Generally about 1 billion cells can be harvested. About 200 million are required for treatment of joints.

Stem cells can also be injected intravenously. They have been shown to migrate to areas of inflammation and damage resulting in repair and regeneration of the injured tissue.

Condition that can be treated:

Joints including hip, knee, ankle, shoulder fingers and toes.
Rotator cuff injuries
Tendon injuries
Herniated discs
Skin rejuvenation
Liver and Kidney damage