Skin Rejuvenation

There are many methods to protect and help skin rejuvenate.

1. Non medical methods.
a. Sun protection.

Recent data has shown that skin degeneration and wrinkling on the right side of drivers faces differ by as much as 20-50% even with a total drive time of 1 hour per day. Sun protection should always be used to protect from sun damage.

b. Dietary methods.

Skin repair is enhanced with certain foods.

Fruits and vegetables with the brightest colouring – eg berries, tomatoes.
Vegetables with the most bitter taste eg radishes and broccoli
Fish with high oil and Omega 3 content – eg mackerel, salmon.

c. Relationship to body glucose levels.

Skin ageing and rejuvenation has been shown to correlate to blood glucose levels. The assessed facial age of patients with low, moderate, high and diabetic blood glucose are 0,2,4, and 8 years. ie the perceived age of a diabetic is 8 years older than that of a person with low glucose levels.

Glucose has been shown to bind to collagen making it more brittle resulting in greater damage and reducing the connectivity of the fibres to other tissues.

Therefore carbohydrate reduction is helpful in ageing prevention, as is fitness and reduced adipogenesis – see myopeptides.

2. Medical methods.

Collagen and fibroblast development can be stimulated under various conditions.

Treatments with PRP – platelet rich plasma, which have fibroblast and endothelial stimulating properties have been proven to result in greater collagen production. In addition this new collagen has more adhesion points that older collagen which renders it more elastic.

Mesenchymal stem cells have been shown to differentiate into fibroblasts producing collagen fibrils that attach in a multi faceted three dimentional matrix resulting in greater skin elasticity.

Laser and Dermapen treatment :

Mild trauma to the skin involving heating or mechanical trauma has been proven to stimulate collagen production by fibroblasts. This result in increase complex collagen production and enhanced skin elasticity.

Contrary to most human thinking, stress on some tissues and organs leads to greater rejuvenation capacity. Studies of humans in the great depression of 1929 – 1935 showed that low calorie, varied fasting resulted in a 6% increase in the longevity of those in that era compared to modern day.

Stem Cells

Mesenchymal stem cells can be extracted and purified from existing autologous (your own) fat. These can then be combined with PRP and activated, and subsequently injected into your skin resulting in dynamic, lasting and youthful skin. See stem cells