Joint PRP and Plasma


Platelet Rich Plasma Joint Repair

Joint Treatment :

How it works :

Blood is removed from the arm via a syringe and needle. This is then processed via a tube extraction system to yield around 3ml of platelet rich plasma which is then activated.

This is then injected into the joint with or without ultrasound guidance.

Who is suitable ?

Patients with mild osteo arthritis , who do not have a history of joint trauma or joint surgery. For patients who have occasional symptoms injection with plasma only may be sufficient.

What are the risks ?

There can be some pain, inflammation and swelling in the joint afterwards. This can last 1-2 days but has been known to last up to 7 days.

There is a risk of joint infection with any joint injection procedure.

The long term effects of the treatment are as yet unknown as are the long term risks.