Snoring & Sleep Apnoea

Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment

The procedure is non surgical, almost painless takes 20 mins and uses a fractional laser to shrink and increase the elasticity of the mucosa. The laser used is an Erbium Yag 2940nm. This has been widely used for facial skin resurfacing in the last 10-15 years and has been proven to be safe and effective.

Recent changes in the laser protocol and areas of treatment and new techniques has resulted in increased effectiveness of the treatment.

1. Some patients have reduced their snoring volume by 50% after one treatment.
2. A few patients now have grade 1 or less snoring after being at maximal grade 4.
3. Some patients have been able to come off their cpap machines permanently, after having 20+ apnoea episodes an hour.

As this protocol is recent, we can only report small patient cohorts. We are happy to provide further details at consultation and can provide contact details of previous patients to verify and confirm the success of this treatment.

How it works :

The back of the mouth, the pharyngeal folds and the soft palate are all treated with a fractional laser. This results in shrinkage of the mucosal layer by up to 30% and the production of new collagen. There is a combined tightening effect and increased elasticity of the mucosal lining (oral skin). This leads to less vibration of the tissues when they are relaxed during sleeping.

This procedure is emulating the effect of surgical skin tightening of the area which can be used to cure snoring and reduce or eliminate sleep apnoea.

Effects :

Generally 2-4 treatments are required .For grade 1 and 2 snores 2-3 treatments are recommended, for grade 3 and 4 snorers, 3-4 treatments are recommended. For sleep apnoea 4 treatments are recommended. These are performed at day 1, 15, 30 and at day 45.

For sleep apnoea, patients have been successfully treated so that they no longer have to use their CPAP machines, and achieve the same sleep quality as when using the machine.

Side Effects :

Patients describe the procedure as a warm to hot feeling at the back of the throat as it is heated with the laser. Mild epithelial burns can occur.

The cost of each treatment is $750 or $2800 for a 4 treatment package.

A further very extensive (lasering the upper pharynx, and base of tongue and surrounding posterior lateral tissues ) & effective laser protocol treatment for extremely severe candidates is available at $1000 a session.
This involves laser treatment to the area behind the uvula, posterior pharyngeal folds and to the base of the tongue which has previously only been possible under general anaesthesia.