Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment


How it works

Acne and acne scarring can be treated with a combination of Fraxel Erbium Yag and Fraxel Erbium Glass lasers. Thermal damage results in inflammation of the skin at different levels. As a result of this inflammation healing processes and collagen stimulation occur. This will reduce both active acne and treat existing scars.

The laser energy may burn the follicular sac from which the hair grows or burn the sebaceous gland that produces oil. It may also induce formation of oxygen in the bacteria resulting in bacteria death. Subsequent cell and gland death with  inflammation will result in fewer structures that give rise to acne.


Active acne can be markedly reduced. This may be a temporary or more permanent phenomena depending on the degree of acne and skin type as well as hormone production.

Many icepick scars and skin uneveness can be reduce or eliminated with laser treatment.

Side Effects

Pain and inflammation will occur with Er Glass treatment that affects the deeper tissue. As a result, redness, weeping, blistering may occur. This will last 1-4 days depending on the stage of treatment and the severity of the acne.

Costs :  Whole face – $400-600,  half face $200-300

Surgical WarningSurgical Warning

Surgical Warning

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Cosmetic PhilosophyCosmetic Philosophy

Cosmetic Philosophy

Our cosmetic philosophy is to create a natural looking younger version of yourself. We aim to enhance existing features, replace areas of loss and rewind the changes of time. If any cosmetic enhancement is immediately discernible or obviously unnatural then we regard the job as being poorly performed. The onlooker should always be wondering whether the look is natural or enhanced. Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of all the cosmetic procedures and techniques available. This includes procedures I do not use but may be appropriate to your circumstances. These will be presented to you showing the expected benefit and a cost comparison with other procedures and treatments

Future plansFuture plans

Future plans

We aim to bring the latest developments in Cosmetic and Rejuvenation Medicine for the benefit of my patients. Adipose/mesenchymal stem cell treatment is now available a first for Melbourne, as is the intra oral laser treatment for snoring and sleep apnoea .NOW available Thermi Smooth RF - the first in Australia with the worlds leading non invasive RF treatment for skin tightening, with Thermi Tight to follow.



Our practice currently trains students for the University of Melbourne and the University of Notre Dame. In addition we train cosmetic doctors and nurses in cosmetic medicine, and plastic surgeons in laser treatments. We are accredited site for registrar trainer for the VMA.